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Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Suicide is known as the silent killer, often because the root causes are hard for victims to talk about.  Help HAE break the silence and #Shutdown_Suicide by sharing resources posted on our site!

Time to get LOUD! Shutdown the silence, Shutdown the fear!  Help the HAE foundation #Shutdown_Suicide by sharing this #ChooseToLive PSA

Suicide is known as the silent killer, often because the root causes are hard for victims to talk about.  Help HAE break the silence and #Shutdown_Suicide by sharing resources posted on our site!


To Answer the Question of the 5,Ws

Mental health advocates are calling for increased efforts to support black youth. With suicide rates rising faster among black teens than their white peers, experts worry current public health crises may place them at even higher risk. Given the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 and police violence on black communities, young people in these settings may be more exposed to trauma. In response, advocates are urging lawmakers to allocate funding for more mental health care in black communities and research to understand suicide risk among black youth. Other efforts are focused on normalizing conversations about mental health in black families and encouraging those who are struggling to seek treatment. Young black suicide attempt survivors, such as Victoria Waltz, are speaking out about their experience in an effort to help others. Everyone can benefit from therapy, she said.

– USA Today

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About Our Foundation

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Hope and Encouragement Foundation (HAE) Inc is to establish and nurture partnerships with mental health professionals, local and federal government agencies, and academic communities to offer holistic mental health awareness programs that cultivate, enhance, and sustain improved living conditions. HAE aims to improve the lives of youth, veterans, and adults therapeutically and culturally by introducing basic mental health counseling; identifying and treating high-risk victims of trauma to discourage violent incidents such as suicide and gun violence; while sustaining activities and efforts to deter substance abuse and disband domestic violence.


Connect troubled minds and hearts with a pathway to healing.


Primary focus toward adolescent teens to young adults, while serving Veterans and individuals experiencing Mental health Challenges including family members of Suicide victims.


  • Crafting news articles within all 7 operational regions
  • Contacting local newspapers, TV news and radio stations
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Services and Capabilities Offered

  • Motivational speaking, youth mentorship and life coaching
  • Community enriching seminars & workshops (virtual and in-person)
  • Referrals for life and mental health counseling with a licensed, certified and skilled mental health professional
  • Insurance assistance, aide and referrals to assist with counseling needs through a verified and legitimate Insurance provider

HAE Foundation Inc. Geographical Regions:

Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland and Texas

Board of Directors

Anthony D. Britton
Founder, Chief Executive of Operations,
Director of Virginia Region Area of Operations
Jessica S. Britton
President of the Board of Directors,
Director of Massachusetts Region Area of Operations
Rosa E. Bellain
Member of the Board of Directors,
Director of Texas Region Area of Operations
Kermit Brown
Member of the Board of Directors,
Director of District of Columbia Region Area of Operations
Edward Stonework
Member of the Board of Directors,
Director of Maryland Region Area of Operations
Irene Rossen
Member of the Board of Directors,
Director of New Jersey Region Area of Operation
George Duncan
President of the Board of Directors,
Director of Michigan Region Area of Operation
Michael A. Lindsey
Senior Director of Outreach,
Director of New York Region Area of Operation
Chief Executive and Director of Financial Affairs, Grant writing, RFP Research and Budgeting

Strategic Vision

Providing New Beginnings, While Enabling Skills for a More Fruitful and Productive Life.

The HAE Foundation Inc. Constitution:

  • All Boards serve strictly in the advisory capacity (per the Board approved ByLaws)

The HAE Foundation Inc. By Laws:

  • Support other charitable efforts, i.e., homelessness, still born awareness, cancer awareness, poverty, feed the hungry
  • Domestic violence, gun control and teen pregnancy

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Note from the Founder

As this 2020 Holiday Season rings with bells of holiday cheer; we are forced to acknowledge the pains and scars of a 10-month Pandemic as it continues to lurk in our shadows. Families across this great nation along with our global community are forced to make holiday plans via conference calls and Zoom voice and video technologies. As our nation navigates through the turbulence of our present-day times; Pandemic, gun violence, social disorder, equality, mental health challenges, Income gaps, racial injustices, Healthcare, hunger/food insecurity and climate change (injustice), just to name a few present-day challenges. We pause in preparation for this holiday season to acknowledge those who are feeling isolated, alone, depressed withdrawn and abandoned. We pause to acknowledge their needs. We take a moment to provide a listening ear, a compassionate heart and a shoulder to lean on. We pause to circle the wagons and promote awareness and prevention against a deadly and silent killer lurking in the shadows. We pause to promote awareness and prevention against any form of suicide before, during and after this Holiday Season.

Let us start by remembering those main stream media names who have fallen victim to this extreme mental disorder such as actor Robin Williams, actor Marylin Monroe, writer Ernest Hemingway and politician R. Bud Dwyer, but may we also remember the fact that a total of 321 active-duty members took their lives outside of combat in 2018, "Suicide has been deadlier than combat for the military"; as we remember our military may we also remember names such as Motivational Speaker Karyn Washington, Up and coming actor Lee Thompson Young, creator and host of the hit series “Soul Train” Don Cornelius, Seattle Rapper Freddie E (Fredrick Eugene Buhl), Def JAM Records Executive, Shakir Stewart, Kansas City Linebacker Jovan Belcher and the estimated 132 suicide victims from September 11, 2019 alone.

It is estimated that suicide has become a leading cause of death in the U.S. particularly in our adolescent to young adult community. This extreme mental disorder has been determined to be the second leading cause of death for those adolescents, young adults and veterans struggling with mental health challenges. We offer to you that our Ministers, Counselors, Psychologists (mental health professionals), Teachers and Parents must be able to both talk about it and understand the risks for these susceptible adolescents, young adults and veterans of any race. Especially in our African American Community, who are often quoted as saying, “We are too strong for such things, that’s a rich people disease, that’s a caucasian problem”.

May we Never Forget the memories of our Beloved Prince Brandon D. Britton who fell victim to this social disease on February 15, 2020. As we Cherish our memories with Brandon; we the members of Brandon's Family have given birth to this Veteran and Family founded foundation based on bridging the gaps for ministers, counselors, psychologists (mental health professionals), teachers, parents and those adolescents, teens, young adults and veterans going through depression, high levels of anxiety, loneliness and isolation. The principles of our foundation drive our efforts to build Hope and Encouragement (HAE); enabling a launch pad into a new beginning, while empowering and enabling skills for a more fruitful and productive life. The name of our Foundation is, The HAE Foundation Inc. Our primary focus is Suicide Awareness and Prevention; however, our Bylaws state our drumbeat marches to the tunes of those who need help and we support and assist in Championing many other causes. We are a new organization and have been in existence since August 4, 2020. The HAE Foundation Inc. has been recently been recognized by the United States of America’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as being a true and legitimate 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization entitled to all privileges and benefits this status affords under current laws and regulations. We have put relentless work in our preparedness and stand read to unite against these social disorders. Our Battle lines have been drawn; will you Join us? Will you support our unified efforts? Please say yes by making a simple donation. We kindly accept all donations; no donation is too small.

Thank you in advance and may you and your family have a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season. 2021 is on the Way and The HAE Foundation Inc is here for those who have lost their way. With Love and Integrity, we look forward to bringing light to this much needed dark and troublesome epidemic that has for too long afflicted so many of our communities across this Great Nation.

Thank You for your interest in getting involved with the issues we care about. If your company or organization is interested in sponsoring The Hope and Encouragement Foundation Inc. (HAE) with a monetary sponsorship, or becoming an in-kind partner, please provide your information in the form below.